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Diabetic Foot Care 

Alivio Care provides those with Diabetes the foot care and condition monitoring needed to prevent and control foot problems related to Diabetes.

Our qualified and skilled care team is aware of the problems and discomforts associated with diabetic foot care. We will help you to maintain, clean and disinfect feet and monitor your overall health and condition to avoid foot injuries or foot problems.

Foot Washing

Our care team will assist you in washing your feet and drying your feet daily using hot water and soap in the correct manner and inspecting your feet to prevent issues that may lead to infection.

Foot Checking

Have the skin on your feet checked for dry skin, corns, calluses, cuts and scratches, ingrown toenails, blisters, or other issues that could lead to infection and discomfort.

Clean and Tidy

Wear freshly-washed clean shoes and socks every day with the help of our care team who know how to take care of your feet and protect your feet in the best way possible.

Is Diabetic Foot Care For You?

Diabetes can often lead to nerve damage and other problems with your feet, and not everyone is aware or able to care for their feet in the proper way to prevent infection or other problems. People with Diabetes often rely on the support of a foot doctor and care team who can advise them on ways to look after their feet and prevent the blood vessels in their feet and legs to narrow and harden, causing discomfort and health issues. 

Our Alivio Care team will check your feet daily and help to maintain cleanliness and the grooming necessary to avoid infection.

Diabetic foot care is great for those with Diabetes or other foot problems.

Help and support we provide food diabetic foot problems are:

  • Foot washing
  • Foot drying
  • Condition monitoring
  • Foot protection
  • Foot inspection
  • Advice and support

The help provided by our care team can be invaluable to those who have suffered from Diabetes-related foot problems, that may have led to other health issues, and have not understood or been aware of the techniques and care required to prevent them.

Our Diabetic foot care services are flexible and available for you when you’re ready.

We offer a free at-home assessment and can usually begin providing advice and care within just a few days.

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