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Health Care Aide

Our Health Care Aide Services guarantee the best level of care for patients. 

Our care team is aware of and responsive to the needs of patients. They carry out a wide range of general care procedures and activities of everyday living for those with physical or psychological issues. These tasks could involve making sure patients take their medication as prescribed, assisting those unable to move independently, and helping with daily activities.

Home Care

Receive 24/7 care services that you would usually expect from a nursing home or assisted living facility in your own living space, comforted by your memories and familiar surroundings.

Live Independently

We understand the desire to stay comfortably independent as we age. Our care team will help you with your daily life tasks, and help you live as independently as possible.

Activity of Daily Living (ADL)

Regular activities of daily living (ADLs) affect your overall health and quality of life. We aim to assist you in performing all necessary ADLs to the best of our ability.

Is Health Care Aide Right For You?

Our bodies and abilities decline as we get older, and we often require the help and support of those around us or a health care aide to get through daily life. Our ability to perform daily life activities can determine whether we are able to keep living independently at home, or move to a home more suitable for long term care.

Our abilities can be affected by health conditions, age, injuries, and other components that decrease our independence. Alivio Care team is here to help you around the house, running errands, and out and about depending on your needs.

Health Care Aide is ideal for elderly adults or people with disabilities that make performing daily activities difficult.

Services that we provide to assist with daily living are:

  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living)
  • Skin and Nail Care
  • ROM (Range of Motion)
  • Medication Assistant
  • Catheter Care
  • Fall Risk Prevention
  • Respite Care
  • Disability Care 

The care we provide for assisted daily living can make a huge difference in the life of someone who wants to remain independent while receiving support.

Our services are flexible, convenient, and we can begin by providing a free at-home assessment for you or your loved one to determine the care plan that is needed. In most circumstances we can start providing support within just a few days.

Each situation is different, we create and provide a unique care plan to meet the needs of each client. We keep up-to-date with your needs and adjust the plan as needs change.

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