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Companion Care 

Companion care makes sure that you have someone by your side to offer you support, understanding, and amity. 

If you are an older adult who needs help with daily tasks, or someone who has a disability, companion care is here for you. With companion care, you don't have to feel lonely as your companion will offer you emotional support such as socialization and listening to your concerns. As well, you’ll get assistance with tasks you need help with. 

At-Home Services

Your companion will arrive at your home and offer help where it's most comfortable for you. 

Support and Understanding

Get the support and understanding you need with an empathetic and cooperative companion. 

Continuous Help 

You can get the help of a companion for as long as you need. 

Is Companion Care For You?

Companion care is more than just helping out with daily tasks. Companions provide certain types of non-medical treatment to you as you need it. If you want to make your life or a loved one’s life more smooth and manageable, consider getting companion care. 

Alivio Care’s companions will provide you with the camaraderie and friendliness that you require in your day-to-day life. Whenever you need them, they will happily be there for you at the frequency that works best for you.  

If you’re finding it difficult to get out of the house or meet people that you know regularly, then companion care can be of great benefit to you as it will help eliminate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Companions will have meaningful conversations with you, go out for walks, engage in activities and games, offer a listening ear, and more. 

They will also aid in other necessities like transportation for events and appointments, and make sure that you are able to receive the vital healthcare services that you need. They will help with household chores as well such as washing dishes, helping with laundry, and other light housekeeping, increasing your quality of life.

Companion Care is ideal for those who are mostly independent but need some additional support in their lives. 

Companion care can increase your quality of life in various ways. Some of the things that they do to assist you are: 

  • Planning events and social activities
  • Lending a helping hand and a listening ear
  • Helping to run errands
  • Engaging in activities and socialization
  • Helping you communicate with other people 
  • Aiding in transportation
  • Making sure you have access to necessary healthcare
  • Assisting with household chores 

For the most part, we may be able to get through our daily lives by ourselves. But having additional support in tasks and in leisure activities can make a positive difference. 

Companion care can offer the substantial difference you need in your life. With someone there to constantly support you, you will find yourself enjoying your time more.

We treat everyone as an individual and understand that different people have different requirements, and we work relentlessly to provide the care that you need.

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