Question and Answer

General Inquiries from potential clients

Can you provide 24/7 care?

Yes, we provide 24/7 care and we set you up with 2-4 caregivers shifting schedules.

How much is your service rate charge?

We ensure our care services are affordable for you and fit within your budget.

Do you provide housekeeping?

Yes, our HCA can do housekeeping, but only light housekeeping and our HCA interaction is 80% with the client.

Do I get the same caregiver all the time?

We try to set you up with one main caregiver that fits best, but if the main caregiver is sick or away for leave, we provide you with another HCA to cover with your preferences and we do another set of client-caregiver matching. We also provide training from the main caregiver if necessary.

Do any of your caregivers drive?

If you prefer a caregiver who drives and someone who is comfortable driving clients, we can provide you that. Our caregiver can provide transportation to outings, appointments or grocery shopping.

Is there a charge for transportation service?

If you prefer for our caregiver to use your vehicle, then there’s no charge, but if our caregiver will be using his/her own vehicle there is a small charge.

I only need companionship, are there minimum hours needed?

We require a minimum of 3 hours per visit for any services we provide.

Processing inquiries when using Alivio Care service

How can I apply for GST exemption or how would I know if I am GST exempt?

You can apply through Alberta Health Services and they are the one who can determine if you qualify or not. If you think you are registered for GST exemption, you need to provide us the Schedule A form from AHS as proof.

Is there a lock-in agreement when I sign the contract?

There is no lock-in agreement by signing the agreement contract, however, if you need to cancel or no longer need the service, you need to provide us a 2 weeks written notice of cancellation.

What will happen if I need to go on vacation, do I need to pay for the days I am not using the service?

No, when you will be away and won’t be needing the service temporarily, Alivio Care will not charge you. You have to provide us 2 weeks notice.

How soon can your caregiver start?

After the home assessment, we do client-caregiver matching to find you the best fit HCA according to your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care. We look at your preferences and see which caregiver fits, then we do an introduction. If everything works well after that, then our caregiver can start right away.

What services does Alivio Care provide

If the task is not covered by HCA, who will do it?

If the task is not within the scope of practice by our HCA, such as injection, bladder scanner or giving narcotic medications, we can provide you with a nurse, at a different hourly rate.

Does your HCA have insurance coverage when using the transportation service?

Our caregivers who are comfortable driving clients while using his/her own vehicle have third party liability insurance coverage. If you decide to use your vehicle, you need to include our caregiver on your insurance coverage.

What is the charge for an overnight shift?

We charge the same for an overnight care.

In case of emergency, what is your protocol?

Our caregivers are all well-trained for any emergency situation that may arise with you. With CPR certification, they know how to follow your Goals of Care, and call 911 when needed.

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