Jim Webster

Calgary, AB

Caring, competent, cooperative, and cost effective are just a few of the adjectives that come to mind in describing this wonderful organization that we have partnered with for supporting our father. Alivio Care was referred to us by the retirement home where our 90-year-old father is living. Our mother, who was Dad’s primary care giver, had recently passed away leaving my sister and I to support Dad while still maintaining our own lives. Although Dad needs support, it is not at the level of an assisted living or long term care facility, plus Dad very much enjoys his current accommodations. Alivio has eased the burden and worry for both my sister and I. They’re like an extension of our family, and Dad really enjoys their visits. I would suggest his overall outlook on life has even improved as a result. There’s almost nothing that Alivio will not help with, including being available on short notice or coverage if my sister or I are unavailable.
Thank you Alivio for being there.